Radzen Blazor Components


Demonstration and configuration of the Radzen Blazor Accordion component.

Accordion with single expand link

Accordion with multiple expand link

Set Multiple to true to enable multiple expand.

Expand/Collapse events link

Keyboard Navigation link

The following keys or key combinations provide a way for users to navigate and interact with Radzen Blazor Accordion component.

Press this key To do this
Tab Navigate to an Accordion.
Down Arrow Focus next Accordion item.
Up Arrow Focus previous Accordion item.
Space or Enter Change the state of a focused Accordion item switching between expanded and collapsed.

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Demos Configuration

Premium Themes

  • Material 3
  • Fluent
  • Material 3 Dark
  • Material Dark
  • Fluent Dark

Free Themes

  • Material
  • Standard
  • Default
  • Humanistic
  • Software
  • Dark
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