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Radzen Blazor Chart Axis

The Radzen Blazor Chart displays a legend by default. It uses the Title property of the series (or category values for pie series) as items in the legend.

Min, max and step link

By default the Radzen Blazor Chart determines the Y axis minimum and maximum based on the range of values. For example it finds the minimum and maximum values and uses the closes "nice" number. A nice number is usually a multiple of a power of 10: 0, 10, 100, 1000, 200000 etc.

Format axis values link

The value axis displays values with default formatting (ToString()). This can be customized in two ways - via the FormatString or the Formatter properties. FormatString supports the standard .NET Number formats.

Display grid lines link

You can make the chart display grid lines for either the value or category axis. Add a RadzenGridLines tag inside RadzenValueAxis or RadzenCategoryAxis and set its Visible property to true.

Set axis title link

Use the RadzenAxisTitle tag to display text below the category axis or next to the value axis.

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