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Radzen Blazor Chart

Use the Radzen Blazor Chart component to display data in a graphical format.

Chart Series link

The chart can display area, bar, column, donut, line, and pie data series. The chart series needs data and configuration to tell it which property of the data item is the value of the series (Y axis) and which is the category (X axis).

All series have the following common properties:

Data - specifies the data source which the series should display.

ValueProperty - the name of the property which provides values for the Y axis of the chart. The property should be of numeric type: int, long, float, double, decimal.

CategoryProperty - the name of the property which provides value for the X axis of the chart. The property can be string, Date or numeric. If not set RadzenChart will use the index of the data item as its X axis value.

Basic usage link

Here is a very basic example that creates a column chart with minimal configuration.

The RadzenColumnSeries tag is used to specify that the chart has a column series. The Data property specifies the data source. The chart will render a column for every DataItem instance from the revenue array. The Y (value) axis displays the Revenue property and the X (category) axis displays the Quarter property.

Keyboard Navigation link

The following keys or key combinations provide a way for users to navigate and interact with Radzen Blazor Chart component.

Press this key To do this
Tab Navigate forward across Chart legend items.
Shift + Tab Navigate backward across Chart legend items.
Enter or Space Show/hide the focused Chart legend item serie.

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